Hello, I’m Jean Johnson …

Executive coach, strategist and guide to seasoned, successful executives who are ready to step into their unique professional sweet spot and make a bigger, meaningful impact in their professional life.

After many years as a business consultant, I came to realize that much of what holds all of us back, in business and in life, is ….ourselves. And that while barriers and challenges confront everyone, those who are able to shift their perspective and access a deeper personal power achieve greater success.

I help successful people transform what’s possible for them in their professional lives so that they feel engaged in work that matters. They’re asking questions like “How can my professional life be more satisfying to me than it is now?” and “How can I successfully take the next step?” They have come to a tipping point where they’re ready to take action to clarify what’s important, become more confident in who they are and what their skills are and step into their fuller potential. They are inspiring to me because they make big changes that they didn’t think were possible.

Helping people who are on a quest to have a work life where they feel engaged and valued for doing work that matters to them, who are asking “What’s next for me? – that’s what matters to me. Because when each of us is doing work that fully utilizes our gifts, life is different.

Guiding Beliefs

Each of us has a unique set of gifts – innate abilities and learned skills, some we may have forgotten as we move through life. When we are effectively using those gifts, we are happier and contributing higher value to a world that needs what we have to offer. I work closely with clients to help them become clear about their gifts, how they want to use those skills and develop specific strategies to be successful.

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