Learning how to be my own kind of leader

Recently I had the experience of thinking it was time to step into a larger role within an organization. I checked in with some trusted colleagues about my interest, getting pretty excited along the way. In conversation with the appropriate person about the role, I learned that someone else had been selected. Ouch.

With time and reflection, I’m coming to see the situation as yet another invitation to look inside myself and consider what I want, what I’m doing to create what I want, and how I could be getting in my own way.

I don’t have answers yet, but I’m asking myself lots of questions.

  • How do I engage in conversations that help me be seen as a leader by the organization?
  • What does my presence say about how seriously I take myself and my contributions to this organization?
  • Am I clear on what I want to be doing? What am I doing to make that happen?
  • What matters to me in my role with this organization? How do I connect to the organization’s mission? How does that connection help me?
  • How do I be authentically who I am, and how does that align with the culture in the organization? Where am I willing to compromise and where am I not?
  • Is this the place for me? If not, what am I moving toward?

Have you ever experienced a disappointment in the leadership path you had planned? What were your questions? What answers did you find?

These are the kinds of questions I hope we’ll explore together through this blog.

Welcome to Sweet Spot!

This blog is where I’ll write about some of my thoughts and ideas on the “sweet spot” where leadership, coaching and authenticity overlap. I’m also looking forward to sharing others’ ideas – let’s talk about how we can make a bigger, meaningful impact in our personal and professional lives!

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