During 2-to-4 hour sessions, these workshops help individuals access their inner leadership skills to become more authentic and powerful both in work and in life. Packed with valuable insights along with practical tools, these workshops are a great way to support your organizational or personal leadership development goals. Workshops are customized for individuals or groups, at your preferred location and time.

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Leading at the Next Level

  • Designed for: Leaders who have recently been, or are soon to be, promoted.
  • Takeaways: Newly promoted executives too often fail in the first year of their new role. The reason? They continue to behave as they did in their last role. This session, which can also be expanded to into a full leadership development program, explores the executive mindset and offers tools, insights and specific skills to help individuals be effective at a higher organizational level. It also helps individuals identify behaviors they need to take on—or let go of—in order to succeed as they move up in the organization.

Embodying Your Authentic Leadership Presence

  • Designed for: Leaders seeking to expand their ability to be heard and/or increase influence in their organization.
  • Takeaways: Project a more grounded and powerful presence. This workshop for individuals or groups focuses on somatic practices that help you develop the ability to lead with more authenticity.

Creating Leadership Conversations

  • Designed for: Leaders seeking to overcome their fear of confrontation.
  • Takeaways: This experiential workshop provides a framework for engaging in challenging conversations to achieve positive outcomes while maintaining and supporting the personal relationship.

Emotional Intelligence – Connecting Personal and Organizational Success

  • Designed for: Leaders seeking to better communicate their vision.
  • Takeaways: Based on Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence approach, this session brings discussion and somatic practices to help leaders become more self-aware, and better able to inspire and influence others.

Coaching Your Team to their Best Performance

  • Designed for: Leaders seeking to energize and motivate others.
  • Takeaways: Many of us have lived in a world where “telling” is the preferred method of gaining compliance from those on our teams. Learning basic coaching skills can pay off for a leader by developing a culture where people can authentically bring their best selves to their tasks, increasing satisfaction and results. This interactive workshop focuses on the “why” of coaching as well as practice in coaching skills such as deep listening and using powerful questions.

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